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SlimeBunny Loves You~!

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Slime-Bunny Loves You~!
24 page adult comic by CAVITEES

The popular sex toy, SLIME-BUNNY, shows you all of their features- she can change her shape, has a removable vibrating bullet, and LOVES to help!

Donut, a mint-green Slime-Bunny, was given as a birthday gift to our grumpy protagonist. Little does he know, his attitude wont last long against the adorable charms of a Slime-Bunny. Some gentle prodding is all he'll need to open up- in more ways than one- to what she has to offer him.

'Slime-Bunny Loves You~!' is a 24 page ADULT COMIC.
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Themes & Content Warning:

  • Slime
  • Anal
  • Living Sex-Doll
  • Size Content (Tiny)
  • Inflation/Cumflation
  • Breast Expansion
  • Cute Ending

This comic was brought to you by my lovely patrons!
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SlimeBunny Loves You~!

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